Lemmy Tanner

Winner of several UK Regional and National Soaring contests, Lemmy has been soaring continuously since 1956! During this time he has been Chief Flying Instructor for a number of English and RAF Gliding clubs, on the British Gliding Executive for six years and was one time British National Team captain.

He was on the GlideOmarama team from 1999 to 2018 teaching mountain soaring skills in both NZ and the US and as our Chief Flying Instructor.

Lemmy flew with the RAF as a fighter/bomber pilot and then as a commercial heavy helicopter pilot with world wide experience. In Scotland he ran an International Mountain Flying school for helicopter pilots.

There is nothing that Lemmy has not done in gliding from racing to repairs, from teaching to politics – but his first love is soaring. Ask him about his first glider, a 1938 German Minimoa that he bought and refurbished in 1963. Or ask him about the weather – he is a much sought after weather man, providing forecasts for gliding contests around the world.

We will miss him at  Omarama but no doubt his retirement from Glide Omarama is far from the end of Lemmy’s illustrious flying career. We watch with interest!

Gliding – 5,000 hrs
Helicopters – 13,000 hrs
Fast jets – 1,500 hrs
General Power – 1,500 hrs (including about 50 types)