Gavin Wrigley

Gavin is from Yorkshire, but after crewing all over the world with BOAC and then skiing in Colorado he based himself in Darwin, Australia, from 1978 until 2004. Gavin’s first 40 flights were in a T21 “Barge” in 1963. Gavin has owned and raced in his own gliders and a more recently owned a Falke motorglider, which was used to create a flying course for all of the senior pupils at The Essington School in Darwin. The course has been run annually since 2001 and is thought to be the only mandatory flying course offered to all of the pupils in a secondary school anywhere! In recent years the school has utilised Tecnam and Jabiru aircraft instead of gliders.

Gavin is among the few who have regularly soared the world famous Morning Glory wave over the Gulf of Carpentaria. An experienced yachtsman, Gavin has a circumnavigation of the globe in a 10m sloop among his many accomplishments.

Gavin Wrigley first flew for Southern Soaring (now Glide Omarama) in 2004. During past NZ winters he has taken various posts such as course instructing and cross-country coach at Nympsfield, also as Deputy CFI at Husbands Bosworth in the UK.

More recently Gavin has reverted to yachting in the ‘off season’, and has incrementally wandered from NZ to New Caledonia, Australia and now Thailand in his 12m cutter rigged sailing yacht.

Gliders 5,500 hrs