Gavin Wills

Gavin was born into a soaring family and grew up flying in the mountains. He is a successful racing pilot (won the US National Sports Class Championships in 2005) and is also the task setter for National and International races at Omarama. Gavin is the founder of Glide Omarama and he holds a US Commercial Gliding license, NZ Gliding Instructors Rating and is an Executive Director of Gliding New Zealand.

Gavin has clocked over 4,000 hours in trusty PA18a, ski equipped, 180hp, 3 seat mountain flying Piper Cub (BFV) since acquiring it in 1972.

Previously occupied as a Geologist, an internationally qualified Mountain and Ski Guide, a professional River Guide and an Avalanche consultant Gavin has operated businesses in New Zealand and various parts of the globe. As a documentary film maker he produced and directed the prize winning gliding movies “Windborn” and “Champions of the Wave”.

Gavin loves to share his joy of soaring taking pilots on adventurous flights deep into the NZ mountains or far across the high mountain deserts of Nevada and Utah.

Gliding 6,000 hours
Power 4,000 hours