2 Day Adventure Soaring (extendable)

Two days and two nights at Omarama. Minimum of 6 hours of soaring.

Flying enthusiasts or visiting glider pilots who wish to enjoy more than just a day of spectacular mountain soaring at Omarama can join in with our Mountain Soaring School, pick up some mountain soaring skills and enjoy two or three brilliant flights at Omarama with one of our instructors.

Day 1.
Arrive for the 10am briefing (or 1200 at the latest) and fly for the afternoon.

After the 10 am weather briefing, join the mountain soaring school to review yesterday’s flights and participate in the daily seminars. Then fly for the afternoon.

Day 3.
Depart after the morning flying review or stay on for extra soaring in the afternoon


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Extendible to 3 days.


6 hours Duo Discus flying over 2 days
Your own instructor
Daily briefings and debriefings
Club membership

Refunds and Extras

Duo Discus time not flown after 2 days is either refunded at NZ$165 per hour or, if mutually acceptable, flown off on the third day.
Extra Duo Discus time flown within the two (or three) days, is charged at NZ$160 per hour.
Aero tows and possible out landing retrieves are not included.
Accommodation is not included.