Omarama Area Familiarisation Course

For pilots with extensive  mountain flying experience who want an introduction to local flying at Omarama prior to flying solo.

Flying in the Omarama environment can be challenging with wild and volatile weather and high mountains. In good conditions local soaring within the Basin is straightforward but in difficult conditions the hardest and most frustrating part of the flight can be getting away from the local area. We strongly recommend visiting pilots invest some time and money in learning how the local soaring environment works, the typical soaring routes and the land out options. This will enable even the most experienced visitor to be safe, successful and have more fun.

We strongly recommend that pilots on their first visit to Omarama take a five day Mountain Soaring Course.

However we offer experienced pilots who want a shorter introduction to the area the Omarama Area Familiarisation Course. Depending on a pilot’s experience one of these two courses is a prerequisite to renting our gliders and flying solo in the area.

The Omarama Area Familiarisation Course can be done in a single day but we suggest you allow two days to get the best weather and to enjoy additional soaring. Bookings for this course are normally accepted over the weekends and at other times by arrangement.

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Course Fee Includes:

  • A Visiting Pilots Guide, Omarama map and Land Out Book
  • Ground briefing on local procedures, the airfield, airspace, land outs and general conditions
  • A local airstrip inspection by tow plane (Approximately a 1/2 hour flight)
  • A check ride for BFR, licence renewal or foreign pilots licence validation
  • Paperwork and fees for foreign pilots licence validation.
  • 4 hours of area familiarisation, soaring in a Duo Discus

Extras and refunds

  • Duo Discus time under 4 hours not flown, is either refunded at NZ$165 per hour, or if mutually acceptable, flown off on the next  or a later day.
  • Extra Duo Discus time over 4 hours flown is charged at NZ$165 per hour.
  • Aero tows, airfield landing fees and possible out landing retrieves are not included.
  • Accommodation is not included.