Mountain Soaring

Whatever your level of experience, our Mountain Soaring Courses offer a wonderful introduction to Cross Country flying and Mountain Soaring at Omarama. They are our most popular courses, great value and a lot of fun.

On a Mountain Soaring Course there is one guest per instructor and a Duo Discus.  This is an effective and enjoyable way to maximize flying, learning and the experience. Whether you are new to mountain flying or have thousands of hours your course will be tailored to your particular aspirations and your level of experience.

There are three variations of our Mountain Soaring Course (MSC)

  1. Standard Mountain Soaring Course , Fly with different instructors throughout the course.
  2. A Shared Mountain Soaring Course operates for two people with one instructor and one glider.
  3. Group Mountain Soaring Course for a group of friends or club members.

On a Mountain Soaring Course you will receive daily debriefings and seminars from your instructors and will fly a Duo Discus with one of our highly skilled and experienced  team. Gavin will endeavor to fly with course guests for at least a day or more.

Over the past fifteen years Gavin and G Dale have rewritten “the book” on Mountain Soaring and how it is taught. During the Course seminars, much of the material you will receive about how the atmospheric engine works has been inspired by their long involvement with the complex Omarama soaring environment. It has been written up in numerous soaring magazines and now published by G in his books “The Soaring Engine; Vols 1 and 2 “.

The seminars, therefore are a highlight of the courses and include many aspects of the “how, why and where” of mountain thermals, ridge running, alpine convergences and lee wave. Plus there is ample opportunity for discussions about and the development of your own personal soaring skills including high altitude soaring, badge flights, records and racing gliders.

GlideOmarama equipment is second to none. On Mountain Soaring Courses we operate up to 6 Duo Discus’s. Each is a high performance two seat sailplane equipped with computers, GPS navigation, reliable loggers, FLARM anti-collision devices and SPOT automatic satellite tracking.

Numbers on Mountain Soaring Courses are strictly limited. This guarantees quality personal attention and ensures a sociable atmosphere for which we are renowned.

We can manage a wide range of experience levels on these courses, from early cross country pilots to those with many thousands of hours. There is plenty of opportunity to discuss your experience and to modify your programme to suit your particular needs and aspirations once you are at Omarama and have met our team and your instructor.

What you get

  • 5 days of intense soaring
  • Some of the most spectacular and challenging mountain soaring in the world.
  • Quality personalised coaching from our highly experienced and dedicated team.
  • Lots of fun!
  • Unique seminars and illustrated debriefs pitched to suit your experience and aspirations.
  • a welcome into the GlideOmarama family that includes a comfortable briefing room, internet access, free tea/coffee and a memorable course dinner at the famous Kahu Cafe
  • A full service ground crew to manage your glider.

Group Mountain Soaring Course

  • Book your own group of three to six pilots and get all the above.
  • Tailored to suit the experience and aspirations of your group
  • Best for pilots at similar experience levels
  • Can be run with up to six Duo Discus’s and/or up to four single seaters in various combinations.

Shared Mountain Soaring Course

The shared course package price includes the same as the Standard course except that:

  • The course is six days long – one extra day’s flying
  • 20 hours flying is included (with over or under flight time charged or refunded at NZ$160 per hour).

Both participants should be of a similar experience level and comfortable about sharing their flying opportunities.

The shared course normally suits guests who are happy to do less flying per day or to alternate the flying days with each other.

Conditions generally dictate whether two flights are made per day or the flying alternates daily between guests.

Should conditions encourage both to fly the same day a second glider and instructor may be arranged at casual rates ($240 per hour) if available.


Courses run every week from Monday through Friday starting Monday October 1, 2018 through to Monday April 1, 2019

Arrival day is normally the Sunday prior and departure the following Saturday for a total of six/seven nights at Omarama. However it is a good idea, if at all possible, to add an extra flying day (Saturday) at the end of the week, to allow for a weather day or an extra day of flying.

Please note the Christmas Week Mountain Soaring Course starts this season on Wednesday 26 December 2018 and finishes on Sunday 30 December 2018.


Duo Discus time under 15 hours not flown, due to weather conditions, after 5 days is either refunded at NZ$165 per hour, or if mutually acceptable, flown off on the sixth day.

NO REFUNDS will be given in the event of the client deciding not to fly for non weather related conditions.

Extra Duo Discus time over 15 hours flown within the five days is charged at NZ$165 per hour.
Aero tows, airfield landing fees and possible out landing retrieves are not included.

Accommodation is not included.

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Standard Mountain Soaring Course
NZ$5,490 per person
15 hours Duo Discus time over 5 days

Group Mountain Soaring Course

NZ$4,950 per person *
Book your own group of three to six pilots
Tailored to suit the experience and aspirations of your group
Best for pilots at similar experience levels
Can be run with up to six Duo Discus’s and/or up to four single seaters in various combinations.
* Price confirmed on application

Shared Mountain Soaring Course

NZ$3,650 per person
The course is six days long (an extra day)
20 hours flying is included, split between 2 people.