The Alpine Adventure

For more adventurous flights deep into the Southern Alps, including  Mt Cook or Mt Aspiring.

“I’m a skydiver and para-glider pilot myself so quite used to the dynamics of flying, but somehow this was completely different [from] everything I’ve experienced… Those gliders are amazing and super efficient… the crew and pilots have a lot of experience and love what they do….Words can not describe how you’ll feel once you’re up there. So if you’re looking for a scenic flight, a rush of adrenaline, to be close to nature,  I’d highly recommend Glide Omarama! Thank you guys and my wife for the best birthday gift I’ve ever had.” TripAdvisor 30 May, 2018

Spectacular scenery, optimum soaring conditions, hands-on instruction and the possibility to fly over Mount Cook.

The Alpine Adventure has it all! You will discover why so many become addicted to the sport of soaring!

When conditions permit these flights may reach Mount Cook in the north, a favourite destination, Mount Aspiring in the west or the Pacific Ocean to the south.

If the wind blows strong you can truly enjoy “New Zealand from Above” by surfing to over 20,000 ft above sea level in the gigantic atmospheric waves for which Omarama is famous.

These long flights are between 2 and 2.5 hours long and dependent on suitable soaring conditions. We will advise you the day before or certainly on the day, if prevailing conditions make long flights worth attempting.

It is advisable to have had some previous light plane or soaring experience before undertaking this flight.


On average the weather allows us to operate 6 out of 7 days per week.

Of course we are weather dependent but please note that gliding conditions at Omarama are often best when Mount Cook and Tekapo scenic flights are cancelled due to windy and/or cloudy weather. We like some wind and cloud because it usually means we can stay up longer.

We do our best to operate to your scheduled times but you will appreciate that when flying without engines, the weather dictates exactly when and where we can operate and sometimes our schedules do change at the last minute!

Nausea or motion sickness associated with circling and the sensations of flight can be a problem for some people. If you are prone to car or sea-sickness or it’s your first time flying in a small aircraft, we strongly recommend you take travel sickness tablets before you fly, especially for the longer flights. We do have recommended drugs at our office.

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Extending flights
Flights may be extended in the air, subject to the glider and instructor being available.

Booking times
30 minute flights may be booked from 9:00 am each day. Longer flights usually fly in the afternoons.

Daily Briefing
You are welcome to join us for the daily morning briefing at 10:00am at the Soaring Centre on the Omarama Airfield – but this is not essential.

Reporting Times
Please report 30 minutes before your booked flight time or ring and advise us of a late arrival.

Our maximum passenger weight is 110kg.
Our minimum age is 12 years old providing they are big enough to be safely contained by the seat belts.

Weather Checks
Its advisable to call us the day before to check on weather conditions. Where possible have some flexibility in your travel arrangements. There is excellent accommodation available at Omarama.