The One Day Ultimate High Alpine Spectacular

For the ultimate gliding experience at Omarama spend a day with us. Learn and experience the  unusual and spectacular conditions that Omarama is famous for and enjoy a dramatic soaring adventure deep into our mountains.

“Nice people in the company bringing me one of the most fantastic experience in my life. People that love what they do. Thank you so much!”  TripAdvisor, 15 April 2018.

You will be our guest for this ultimate all inclusive gliding experience from Omarama. Soar through the Southern Alps to Mt Cook and the Glaciers, or to Mt Aspiring and even Milford Sound. Learn how it’s done!  Whether you have had any previous flying experience or not this is truly the experience of a life time.

Meet your highly experienced, private instructor/pilot at our 10 am weather briefing.  Then, over coffee at the Kahu Café, you will discuss your experience and aspirations and, considering the soaring conditions of the day, together plan your flight.

Inspect your high performance two seat Duo Discus glider, get comfortable and have a thorough briefing on how it works.

Learn how the glider will be flown, how to read the conditions and how to follow the pathways in the sky.  Later you will have the opportunity to fly some of the flight yourself under the watchful eye of your instructor.

A light lunch and then take-off with an aero-tow launch. You can fly as long as you like (realistically probably between 3 and 5 hours) with an appropriate refund if less than 2.5 hours is flown due to conditions.

Return to landing and then enjoy a debriefing over a beer.

Take home souvenirs include in-flight photos, a detailed flight summary, flight trace, videos and a certificate of achievement.


On average the weather allows us to operate 6 out of 7 days per week.

Of course we are weather dependent but please note that gliding conditions at Omarama are often best when Mount Cook and Tekapo scenic flights are cancelled due to windy and/or cloudy weather. We like some wind and cloud because it usually means we can stay up longer. We encourage a flexible booking arrangement. Call us to check weather conditions  a couple of days prior so we can recommend the optimum day of best weather for your adventure.

We do our best to operate to your scheduled times but you will appreciate that when flying without engines, the weather dictates exactly when and where we can operate and sometimes our schedules do change at the last minute!

Nausea or motion sickness associated with circling and the sensations of flight can be a problem for some people. If you are prone to car or sea-sickness or it’s your first time flying in a small aircraft, we strongly recommend you take travel sickness tablets before you fly, especially for the longer flights. We do have recommended drugs at our office.

In-Flight Relief
Prior to flying we  can make arrangements so you can urinate during the flight.  (both male and female)


Book Now

Booking times
Bookings should be made for any day of our summer season – 1 September to 30 April.

Weather Checks
Its advisable to call us two days before your booking to check on weather conditions. Where possible have some flexibility in your travel arrangements. There is excellent accommodation available at Omarama.

Reporting Time 
Report to our office at 0945 to meet your instructor and join the 10 am  weather briefing.

Our maximum passenger weight is 110kg.
Our minimum age is normally 12 years old, providing they are big enough to be safely contained by the glider’s seat belts.
However we can fly younger people at the discretion of our office staff and the pilot.