Glider Rentals

Our gliders are available for rent to suitably qualified pilots by the day or by the week. Most of our courses include the cost of the appropriate glider rental.

Rental fees include:

  • Weather and task briefing from Glide Omarama
  • Daily flight following and SAR back up
  • Retrieve assistance
  • All the benefits of Glide Omarama Club membership

Rental Requirements

Soaring from the Omarama site can be challenging and at times dangerous with complex variable weather, strong gusty winds and severe turbulence.

As a result pilots who want to rent a glider from Glide Omarama and fly solo must:

  • Have the hours indicated beside the glider types listed below
  • Have had previous Mountain Flying experience
  • Have satisfactorily completed one of our Mountain Soaring Courses or at least our Omarama Area Familiarisation Course
  • Have completed a local area airstrip inspection
  • Belong to a GNZ affiliated gliding organisation which may be Glide Omarama
  • Have successfully completed a GNZ certificate to fly
  • Hold a current GNZ medical or its equivalent

This is all easy to arrange through Glide Omarama.

Overseas pilots may validate their licence to fly in NZ by successfully completing the Glide Omarama Area Familiarisation Course, a Mountain Soaring Course or by obtaining validation at another NZ site.

Visiting pilots must become a full member of Glide Omarama. Membership is included for pilots completing a Mountain Soaring Course in the same season. Discounted membership is available for pilots who are already members of a GNZ affiliated Club.

Glider Rental Rates

Single seater Rates

15 m Discus CS
$375 per day or $2250 per week
Available to pilots with 250+ hours and mountain flying experience

Single Astir
$230 per day or $1350 per week
Available to pilots with 100+ hours and mountain flying experience

Two seater Rates

Duo Discus
$205 per hour, $675 per day or $3,950 per week
Available to pilots with 1000+ hours and mountain flying experience

Grob 103/ Twin Astir
$130 per hour, $415 per day or $2,490 per week.
Available to pilots with 250+ hours and mountain flying experience. (No loggers or flight computers)


Unless indicated all the rental gliders are all equipped with:

  • Loggers
  • Flight computers
  • Flarm anti collision
  • SPOT live tracking
  • Parachutes
  • EDS oxygen and oxygen refill service
  • One man tow out equipment
  • A roll in roll out hangar with easy access for all aircraft.

Booking a glider

Please fill out the glider rental application form if you wish to rent a glider from Glide Omarama.

Rent a glider

Fill out an online application form to rent a glider from Glide Omarama.

Book a glider

Refund Policy

Refunds per day due to unsoarable weather days – 50% of daily rate or 50% of 1/6 of the weekly rate.

Shoulder Season Rates

Shoulder season rates apply from September through October and March through April. 25% off the above published rates.


The gliders are insured against damage and third party liability.

The renter is liable for repairs and costs for damage incurred up to the value of NZ$4,000.

A bond of $4,000 is taken via credit card to offset any such costs including insurance excess.

A wheels up landing carries an automatic NZ$750 penalty as a contribution to cumulative refurbishment expenses.