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Glide Omarama is a family run Soaring School, home to some of the worlds most experienced mountain flying instructors.

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5 days ago

Glide Omarama

Winter soaring with local pilot Fraser ... See MoreSee Less


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Timo Fisherman's Friend also ?

Ya. Great views. Heard of those 'local' flights in NZ back in UK, since they consider it local within gliding range. 300km away 'local' something like that, hitching wave in fancy plastic ship.

1 week ago

Glide Omarama

Some news from our friends in Omarama:

Omarama Gliding Talks.
Mandy and I are in Australia for nearly 3 weeks this August. I would be happy to visit and talk to any interested Clubs or groups about Mountain Flying and Omarama from an Aussie perspective.

Our rough schedule is:
Brisbane: around and about 17 to 20 August.
Perth: August 24 to 27 August
Melbourne: August 29 to 31
Sydney: September 3 ( Seminar booked)

Anyone with advice or interest please email Gavin:
[email protected]
Many thanks.
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2 weeks ago

Glide Omarama

A new video from Youth Glide NZ
Much of it filmed at Omarama. A great promotion for gliding everywhere!Find out more: Brought to you by: Youth Glide New Zealand Gliding New Zealand Umbrella Trust Max Romey Produc...
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Video image


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Luc Saint Genies

Jordan English

Gliding in New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand, with Omarama approximately in the centre, produces some of the world’s best wave flying as well as astonishing ridge, thermal and convergence soaring amidst the spectacular and dramatic mountains of the Southern Alps.