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Glide Omarama is a family run Soaring School, home to some of the worlds most experienced mountain flying instructors.

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5 hours ago

Glide Omarama

A new video made by Norbert Scarlat, a Romanian pilot who has flown with us over the past couple of seasons. Zealand is one of the most spectacular gliding place in the world and Omarama is an unique airfield to spend the holiday. Music: But...
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Video image


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Buuuuffff ......... super video ........ super quality ..... incredible place .....

6 days ago

Glide Omarama

A possible new WORLD RECORD was flown today!
Keith Essex - 500 km, 15 m glider, 255 kph, Omarama.
Subject to verification. Fingers crossed!
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Well done. Look forward to confirmation

ASG29E the Best glider. ...

Keith is the BOMB!

Valentin Mch Alex Girondel Jean Baptiste Paumier

Excellent speed what were the turn points?

Whoop whoop!!! Go Keith! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Silvio Masiero Neto Masiero WOW

Wow!!! Amazing achievement!

Yey-go Keith!!

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4 weeks ago

Glide Omarama

lake Adelaide, with Milford sound in the back. Notice the "Catspaws" on the lake as the cold sea air from the sound makes its way through the Adelaide saddle and hits the water on the way down. Just high enough to be out of the sea air, and high enough to be on a safe glide out through the Routeburn. ... See MoreSee Less


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Beautiful scenery! πŸ‘

Gliding in New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand, with Omarama approximately in the centre, produces some of the world’s best wave flying as well as astonishing ridge, thermal and convergence soaring amidst the spectacular and dramatic mountains of the Southern Alps.