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Glide Omarama is a family run Soaring School, home to some of the worlds most experienced mountain flying instructors.

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El Nino continues in full force - another week of gale-force winds, fronts and huge waves. It's been fun, and our clients somewhat overawed. Gavin's story:

"Yesterday a SW front went through. It rained heavily in the morning then cleared inland around Omarma by mid-afternoon. Low frontal cloud was active up the east coast and separated from the inland air by a huge line of convergence. With one climb off a 1000 ft tow, Hiroko Suzuki and I flew nearly 300kms return along the convergence line. We took another climb to a 10K cloud base at the north end where we fell into wave with 78 knots of wind. But the wave got so rough we pulled the brakes and descended to around 6,000 ft to come home along the wall of convergence cloud with a modest 20 knots of quartering tail wind, leaving the powerful atmospheric wave to rage high above us. All fairly weird!

"The previous day over the Tasman Glacier, Horiko and I climbed in the lee of Mt Cook from 9,500 ft to 17,000 ft at 21.5 knots on the averager. That's a climb rate of about 2,100 feet per minute! G and Marlene were watching from 21,000 ft above when, ping, we were squirted almost back up to their height. Winds were about 65 knots."

It's certainly a great play pen!
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1 day ago

Glide Omarama shared Milan Sawyer's photo.

Flying QQ towards Mount Cook, with our guest, Kurt. The Alps are dwarfed by the giant lenticular above them. 70+ kts winds made sure that we still had some excitement despite the easy-to-read sky.
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2 days ago

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Glide Omarama shared Milan Sawyer's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Gliding in New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand, with Omarama approximately in the centre, produces some of the world’s best wave flying as well as astonishing ridge, thermal and convergence soaring amidst the spectacular and dramatic mountains of the Southern Alps.